Prevalence of Digital Eye Strain  

The use of digital screens has increased significantly in recent years and, in particular, during the past 9 months since the beginning of the current pandemicMany people may be concerned about the effect of this extended exposure for the eyes and the visual system but, so far, little is known. 


Digital Eye Strain or Computer Vision Syndrome is defined by the American Optometric Association as a group of eye and vision related problems associated to long-term use of computer, tablet or smartphone. With this survey we want to investigate how digital eye strain is affecting people living in Sweden. We hope that in the future we will be able to better understand the condition, in order to provide advice and treatments to prevent digital eye strain. 


It is completely voluntary to participate in this survey study and you can cancel your participation at any time. The material from the survey will be handled and treated confidentially and it will be stored so that no unauthorised person will be able to access it. Please note, participation is completely anonymous, and we cannot trace the respondents or delete their anonymous answers.


Your participation in this study takes approximately 15 minutes, so before you start, please make sure that you have that amount of time available as you need to answer the survey in a single attempt. At the end of the survey, it will be possible to register your interest to participate in further research on this topic and after completing the survey, you can download your answers. You are welcome to contact us later if you would like information about the results of the study.


The results of this study will be used in thesis and published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Thank you for reading this.

Oskar Johansson and Antonio Macedo

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